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tv   Headline News  RT  February 26, 2013 7:00am-7:28am EST

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facing political deadlock with no clear winner in parliamentary elections and a protest. comedian making a. diplomatic standoff with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry promising. to change iran's nuclear talks the easing of sanctions. apparently the main deal on the table.
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well it's a pleasure to have you with us here on our. worldwide news live from moscow. now the election that was meant to dig. out of a crisis. political deadlock to economic distress. coalition has managed to secure a clear majority in either house of parliament or the country now stuck between options on the left and the right there's also a major new force emerging with a party led by a former comedian winning a quarter of all. it's. back with a vengeance just a shift. a man of political experts have a political corpse just a couple of months ago from. actually seems to be holding a really good. seats in the senate but again he is tied with. number one position in the senate now if we look at the lower house however parliament does seem like
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the majority. there but you have to understand that this is not because so many people have voted for him it is because. the party. even by the tiniest margin and that is exactly the situation in this case. as well as in you are all essentially tied in the parliament as well so what we have a total deadlock we have ended up with. some of the newspaper headlines. this morning is that the country is. and it does seem like lections are a very very high possibility for. the third biggest economy in the eurozone what happened here is for the economy. the bankers and politicians over in europe.
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because. total. total. population is lost the one thing that they have they have made clear is that. the technocrats from brussels are. really saying yes to any one single party the. old policies that have been implemented by him and so we're doing everything. we. just willing to do anything even voting for. experience and he's not really a politician basically voting for anybody. this is this is what's happening in italy right now. well the vote which is also crucial for the eurozone ultimately triggered a rollercoaster on the markets as the results are pouring in artist on bad news to tell us more about it tom so a roller coaster on the markets they seem to be italian election or ups and downs
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what do you have for us absolutely rory well i mean it must be said late last evening as it seemed that these block may have gained a decent majority the markets were actually up but as berlusconi's bloc drew level so neck and neck today the markets suffered the italian footsies down four point seven percent and we've got markets across europe and beyond indicators they're down between one point five and two percent a serious hit there also italian bond yields up indicating how nervous investors are about this italian financial situation it must be remembered berlusconi left in late two thousand and eleven because of primarily his poor financial management record and after a year of monti and the technocratic government or stereotype we can see he going ten percent how fed up with talons are of that although even without monti it seems there's still a deep recession for italy and it does seem that more seriously will have to be
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borne by italy we can bring you all more on this story with our business bulletin at about eighteen hundred that six pm gnc or as you know is quite impressive tom people have been saying that this election the parliamentary elections in italy are ultimately unprecedented they are unpredictable and shocking as we're seeing basically results coming out but a lack of results as to what people predicted now max kaiser will be addressing issues such as this today on the kaiser report throughout the day here on r.t. but also addressing the issue of fixed interest rates have a little preview and see what's coming up with max guys are today. in this case there were thousands of e-mails between thousands of traders or actually a few dozen traders saying set the libel rate at a rate that is not true we get it for me and they're saying that this is somehow complicated that we can't do anything about it because there are signs of innocence outside this circle of the actual writers an innocent acting community somewhere in the universe so should we apply a stand of guilt to this admission of guilt by h.s.b.c.
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yet i just recently admitted that there are a lot of money and financing terrorism but somebody somewhere down into some back something in a parallel universe perhaps so can we call it just b.c. guilty let me give you say oh oh oh wow there's three thousand mexicans headless because of the body laundering they just be a debate is terrorist but should we care because after all somebody committed it is an act somewhere so they're not guilty. by much the cars report a bit later here on r t for now though how to end the bloody conflict in syria that's claimed at least seventy thousand lives in the past two years and this is what key mediators russia's foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state are going to discuss tonight and but lynn and the main challenge is to stop violence vienna goshi ations the syrian government has said it's ready to talk but the rebels have refused to not demanding international action against the regime russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the opposition is split.
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petition was through to solution there's been some statements that prevents launching dialogue there have been voices in the opposition supporting talks without preconditions then there's been backtracking on this approach apparently the extremists have prevailed in the ranks of the opposition who are pushing for a military resolution of the conflict and blocking dialogue. of the syrian rebels or produced a brand new video i mean to prove their success in the fight against government forces. thank. you could probably have voices in the background shouting god is great throughout the attack the incident is said to have taken place near the city of aleppo the scene of very heavy fighting last week rebel officials said they had received
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a new batch of heavy weaponry from outside sponsors across the jordanian border. all the taking of sides in the syrian conflict is one of the issues dividing russia and the u.s. as they discuss the crisis later on tuesday and he said now way now reports syria is not the only issue. john kerry will be discussing in. conflict in syria miss out on defense and u.s. expansion of projects in eastern europe plus iran and north korea's nuclear programs amid test and escalating rhetoric these issues have been on the table for years now let's take a closer look at some of them syria ripped apart by violence for two years now a militant opposition there trying to force out president also that russia from the beginning has pushed for a diplomatic solution and avoiding intervention at all costs while saying that time is limited moscow still believes negotiations are the way to go the u.s.
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has constantly called for are said to step down while supporting rebels despite them not being able to unify or willing to sit down for talks with asad a strictly one sided solution although recently the obama administration has taken a more distant tone on syria perhaps thanks to fallout from other arab spring countries like libya and egypt the nuclear ambitions of iran and north korea remain high on the agenda especially with north korea's recent underground test but again while both russia and the u.s. condemn any unregulated nuclear steps or weaponization the two differ greatly on how to deal with them russia's against threats of more sanctions or further isolation while the u.s. has gone as far as saying military intervention it's not off the table especially in the case of iran in europe and u.s. plans to expand on missile defense systems and russia's concerns over its national security are considered the number one issue to have sidetracked
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a so-called reset but a shadow over bilateral relations is now russian children adopted by american parents the latest russian child to die might seem mean three years old only moscow was informed of the tragedy a month after mark seems death his legs head and internal organs of the edge of the severely bruised maxie was adopted. u.s. family from the same orphanage as dimitri young who died of heat stroke in two thousand and eight after being left inside in overheated car you have good lives name is now the title of a russian law that prohibits the adoption of russian children by u.s. citizens but critics say the law it's too harsh while supporters claim it's the only thing to be done until the u.s. can is sort of the safety of russian adoptees and adequate justice for violent crimes against children. reporting right now the.
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military chief while he faces his latest battle today still to come. off to being hung out to dry in a. very. wealthy british. market. happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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thanks joining us here on our show in moscow germany is boosting its arms sales to gulf monarchies despite the grim human rights records of countries like saudi arabia bahrain and qatar activists are sounding the alarm over the trend and accusing bolin of moral bankruptcy let's have a detailed look now and give you
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a more explanation as to exactly what's going on with the arms sales the last year the total value of germany's approved exports to gulf states it's almost one and a half billion euros with a sword from twenty eleven when exports to it a little more than five hundred million euros saudi arabia though the main recipient of all of the weapons with sharon twenty twelve being nine times bigger than the year before and run a braun from germany's peace movement says it's not only immoral it's also illegal . a huge. pile of things and it is also a gate german law because german law said that is not a. part of that but only in conflict we get he the reading is only full of conflicts not only between you and the neighbor who country also there are a lot of internal conflicts and you know it is so much faster to the most little girls
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it is totally unacceptable for us they believe that the pride of eugene will have to secure german jews the results we need from the region so it is only a profit business and it is a profit business on the back of the human right and the people who just suffering because they are under pressure and because of this is why i don't buy the fact that. an on line for you right now at our two dot com the makers of the movie about the killing of osama bin laden can breathe a sigh of relief that's after a u.s. senate committee drops a probe into the film's creators alleged connections with u.s. intelligence so you can head over to r.t. dot com for more on the cia the cia's a close connections to hollywood and also online for you right now a standoff on the high seas environmental activists clashed with two japanese whalers ships much more dramatic footage that we found on our website at the dot
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com. it's a pleasure to have you with us here in our today possible easing of sanctions basically the main bargaining chip when six world powers are having key talks over iran and its ongoing nuclear activities ultimately the high level negotiations underway in kazakhstan are the first since june but hopes for a breakthrough do remain rather low and the u.s. has signaled it could relax some penalties if indeed tirana holds twenty percent uranium enrichment that is a level that could ultimately lead to the production of a nuclear bomb the e.u. was reportedly unwilling to make a similar move so iran has recently upgraded its enrichment capabilities maintaining its aims are purely peaceful and allowed within the international state
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of law former washington advisor when of todd says western fears of a nuclear iran are not what's really behind the crippling sanctions and the whole anti iranian drive. the iranian civilization has been around and for five thousand years certainly longer than the last questions let's ations are any western civilizations and they're not suicidal and they know that's where the nuclear weapons would be obliterated washington has pushed in the west and israel for a long time to effect regime change in iran. and the nuclear program as an excuse to put pressure on iran to try to cause regime change but i'm not saying that a nuclear armed iran would be a good thing. but they aren't any country is not a good thing but the question now behind pressure on iran and my opinion comes
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directly from israel desire for regime change in iran and want the united states government to make that happen. well all of the economic penalties imposed on iran over its nuclear energy program the oil export ban has hit the country the hardest but despite the fact it's on damage the economy overall it's also helped strengthen other industries in iran as autry's where if a national reports. the international ban on iranian oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income officials have some good news in the tough sanctions no no l'express have increased by least thirty percent from ego. so somewhat going to click a bad thing what may actually play a positive role we've been asking our government for the many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent was too high up around eighty percent
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and making our economy too vulnerable now some say today is a historic opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous all dependent so you and iran actually has a lot of those tentative resources to feed from the well known copper it's just dates via minerals and stones between wanting to st in particular appears to be thriving these days iran's famous discussions have been going through tough times in the last couple of years heavy frosts and terrible droughts have been damaging large parts of harvest but these here in the country under tough economic sanctions discussions are doing better than ever that i'm on our currency rio fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell the statues both at home and abroad and i benefited from price rise was that as you read in the sashes and school system more than a hundred countries worldwide but even if farmers cannot send in the old big confidence these things remain great. thousands of industry workers also benefits which has
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been overcome the country's highest ever inflation the amount of production and price of the stuff shows affect our salaries every year the ads tend to. to present to my salary the c.e.o. i have some bonus to my daily payments but producers seem to be more protests in the next two turns while international sanctions don't stand up to targets the food industry current measures affect the banking system making financial transactions hard not to crack the also penalize the banks that. are not in u.s. and europe they may be in china or south america they penalize them for dealing with iraq that i mean that's the main problem which is actually illegal internationally is a black gold the discussion is must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small knots have great health benefits especially for the man well to the country it also gives strength iran's
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biggest mall expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions cautious ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. from iran. or into the antiwar dot there we go now starting with the story of the rocket has been fired from gaza into israel causing some damage but no injuries and this is the first time since november cease fire and as soon as retaliation after a palestinian man died in israeli custody under disputed circumstances a two thousand and twelve saw a major conflict between the two rivals with more than one hundred people killed in gaza mostly civilians. colombian coffee growers have clashed with police during a rally to demand more government support for the industry and workers are still thora g.'s to help overcome the crisis by increasing subsidies due to dropping international prices demonstrators blocked roads in a number of towns but security forces said such tactics would not be tolerated. i
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did least eighteen people died in egypt after a tourist packed hot air balloon plummeted from three hundred meters and ultimately explode. the pilot and a british man have survived the accident but both are in a critical condition and the explosion was apparently caused by combustion in the balloons gas hose tourism officials say people from japan hong kong and britain are among the dead. well after a long a partisan fueled standoff obama's pick for secretary of defense is to be voted on later on tuesday and chuck hagel certainly drew the ire of republicans from the outset and some of his views put him at all with his own party at a rather lackluster performance at his initial confirmation hearing well that didn't help either guy nature can reports. a number of republican senators including john mccain say chuck hagel is not qualified for the job but they
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indicate that they're going to allow the full senate to vote because what happened ten days ago was that the senators voted to postpone the vote and to continue the debate so it's all likely that they're going to keep stalling the vote over confirmation and he will be confirmed there's no doubt about that the votes are there but the humiliation that he had to grow through during these last few months sent a message all by itself right now chuck hagel is this great painting figure who keeps apologizing for the positions he has taken before that the statements he had made before including that war with iran should not be an option including his criticism of israel's actions and other foreign policy views that he had expressed as a senator the congress effectively showed their readiness to destroy anyone who would allow themselves to descend from washington's core foreign policy belief so despite all the apologizing that mr hague old has done one senator said he almost had two years in his eyes as he apologized for his earlier statement about the israeli about the influence of these really lobby so despite all the repentance
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truck a go has still been under attack at some point the conservative media got so carried away that they misinterpreted someone's joke about charles association with a group of friends of hamas and they were in such a rush to break the story that they failed to check whether the group even exists and it doesn't so chuck hagel has been under attack not just for his previous statements but also for what he had never said and done. and if confirmed as the new u.s. secretary of defense hagel will have to cope with a company long accused of using its cozy government times to dodge the hands of justice last week private contractor akademi formerly known as blackwater escaped with little more than a slap on the wrist server a new arms smuggling scandal michael o'brien the author of a book called america's failure in iraq thing sits essentially immune to any form of prosecution. they're just follow on charges after the the debacle at mr
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square in baghdad in september of two thousand and seven. course that was where the seventeen iraqis were were killed these are follow on charges that were. pushed against block or course that that's the old name the company technically doesn't exist that way they can you know technically legally will sever the relationship they dropped the charges three people were just to walk to the charges were reduced to five thousand dollars slap on the wrist i think it also there's house arrest for four months or so. and the other thing too is they they claimed that they were buying these weapons for the cia and the cia said we don't know what they're talking about and the thing about it is who knows i mean maybe they were but it seems to me that the cia has ways of getting their own weapons. well fixed interest rates what exactly are they and how much are you being aligned to about the cause the coverage covers it all the kaiser report it's in just
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a moment. there's an old urban legend that says that the u.s. army stopped using circular targets for rifle practice because the soldiers would be hesitant to shoot people on the battlefield the logic is that if you practice shooting something that looks like an enemy soldier you'll be desensitized about killing real enemy soldiers so again the logic is to practice shooting at what you want to kill so you won't hesitate and speaking of not hesitating the law enforcement targets incorporated has created a special line of paper targets for police called new more hesitation so it's on these targets well maybe mexican drug cartel members or l.a. street gangs nope children and pregnant women yeah law enforcement targets offers
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a product to desensitize police from hesitating to blow away women carrying the unborn and innocent children and you know it's even sicker than that i bet law enforcement agencies are probably buying these things up by the thousands but i just wipe and. mission. critic ations free storage free range three. three. three. three books video for your media projects free video done to our.
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if. i met all of the seals i would live to an internal silence. her invisible. every day is a struggle. for our children sleep soundly at night. we are palestinian women working in israel. we've done more for our kids than i.


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